Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Spotlight on: Kindergarten Library Classes #resreads #resvt #cesuvt

Kindergartners at RES visit the library once a week to pick out new books. Every scholar picks out one picture book. Then they get to choose a second book, which could be another picture book, nonfiction, or something from our Spanish or Comics collections. Once they have chosen their books, the kindergartners share them with friends or with our reading mentors, adults and middle school students who read  aloud during library classes. Please ask your children to share their library books with you!

 Can't wait to read this new picture book!

exploring nonfiction about animals and machines

reading with a friend

Friday, February 13, 2015

Spotlight on: Fourth Grade Capstone Projects #resvt #cesuvt #vted #geniushour

RES fourth graders have been working on their interest-based Capstone Projects, and they have each developed a research question they will use to focus their investigations. This week they began to take notes on information that will help them answer their questions. Our scholars have a great breadth of interests, and we can't wait to see the results of their research!

-Mrs. Rankin and Mrs. Redford

Capstone Project Research Questions

  • How could the cars of the future be different from cars today?
  • How was Magic: The Gathering created?
  • What are the top three endangered animals and why are they endangered?
  • How did Stan Lee create his comics?
  • How does the human brain work?
  • How are fossils made?
  • Why have animated cartoons changed over time?
  • Why was the Roman army so effective?
  • How do dogs and puppies communicate with humans?
  • Why did dinosaurs go extinct?
  • Why are there so many categories of magic tricks, and what are the differences between them?
  • How were the Greek and Roman armies the same and different?
  • Who built Stonehenge, and why and how did they build it?
  • How do people make video games?
  • How is American Sign Language different and the same from baby sign language?
  • How are different special effects made in movies?
  • How did Lea Michelle become famous?
  • How do marine animals get injured and how do they get rehabilitated by people?
  • Why are wolves almost gone from America and are they coming back?
  • How do you get touch screen electronics to work?
  • How are the engines in muscle cars the same and different as engines in sports cars?
  • How does bats' echolocation work and why do they have it?
  • How are card games made compared to how board games are made?
  • What are the differences between various species of seals?
  • How do you make an iPad game that makes sense and works well?
  • What do you need to learn to decorate a great cake?
  • How do magicians do magic tricks and illusions?
  • What is the history of firefighting how is it different today?
  • How do you build different types of pyrotechnics?
  • How will people travel in the future?
  • How will new technology affect America in the future?
  • How has space gear changed over time?
  • How does ADHD affect your body?
  • How is a Russian child's day different and the same as an American child's day?
  • How has Jennifer Lawrence's life changed over the years?
  • How do different mammals communicate in different ways?
  • Why do different people eat different food in different countries?
  • How do artists design and create pottery?
  • How did the plague affect society in the Middle Ages?
  • How do movie makers create special effects and makeup in the Harry Potter movies?
  • How and why do people build convertible sports stadiums?
  • How are different styles of houses designed?

Thursday, February 5, 2015

#StudentLife Challenge in the RES Library #resvt #vted

RES scholars who attended library classes today participated in the #StudentLife challenge. #StudentLife, the brainchild of Wisconsin teacher Pernille Ripp, is a worldwide opportunity for students to show what a school day looks like from a student's perspective. All of the photos in this video were taken by RES second and third graders and kindergartners. We hope you enjoy this look at RES and the RES library from the scholars' point of view!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Student Life Challenge at the @RESVTlibrary on February 5 #StudentLife #resvt #cesuvt #vted

RES scholars who attend library classes tomorrow, February 5, will participate in the #StudentLife Challenge. #StudentLife, the brainchild of Wisconsin teacher Pernille Ripp, is a worldwide opportunity for students to show what a school day looks like from a student's perspective. We will be sharing photos by RES scholars on the library's Twitter account at @RESVTlibrary, and also on this blog. Please follow our Tweets and the #StudentLife Twitter hashtag for a look at one school day from a student's point of view!

Monday, February 2, 2015

January at the RES Library, by the numbers #RESreads #resvt #cesuvt #vsla

Second graders sharing nonfiction about bats.
Nonfiction is popular with RES scholars, who checked out over 450 
nonfiction titles for their independent reading in January.

January at the RES library, by the numbers:
  • Number of library books and other materials checked out by RES scholars, families, and staff: 1684 -- that's 89 per day. 
  • Number of scholar visits to the library: over 1,000 (15 classes per week plus individual visits) 
  • Number of checkouts for our most popular book: 11 for Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping by Melanie Watt
  • Number of new reading mentors from CHMS who have begun reading with kindergartners during their library classes: 4. We can't thank CHMS Assistant Principal Lashawn Whitmore-Sells and the middle schoolers enough for sharing their time and enthusiasm for books with our young scholars!