Friday, September 6, 2013

Where are the books? #resvt #cesuvt

I rearranged the books in the RES library over the summer to make them more accessible for our scholars. But now everything is in a different place! Classes spent this week in the library finding the new locations for their favorite books.

First graders took a tour, then did some guided discovery especially in the nonfiction section.

Second and third graders went on self-guided "museum walks" (hands behind your back, noticing everything!) and then reported what they had found. Fourth graders went on a scavenger hunt to find the different library collections, then videotaped each other to create their own library tours. The group below had just found the biography section.

And of course everything is new for our kindergartners, who have just started visiting the library for the first time! So far they have learned where to find the picture books and the early readers.

It's been a great week of learning at the RES library. We're looking forward to seeing everyone next week!

-Mrs. Redford, RES Teacher Librarian

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