Friday, November 22, 2013

Reading, Writing, Exploring

RES scholars spent their week in the library exploring and reading new books and magazines. Second graders are becoming more independent readers every day...this scholar couldn't wait to read aloud to me.

Kindergartners explored the library's magazines. The library subscribes to Ranger Rick, National Geographic Kids, Sports Illustrated for Kids, and American Girl magazines. Scholars can check out magazine issues for a week just like books...the kindergartners thought that was great!

In connection with their classroom learning, first graders have been looking at the beginning, middle, and ends of stories. We all enjoyed Marc Simont's picture book The Stray Dog.

Fourth graders finished filming commercials as part of a media literacy unit in their enrichment library classes. Look for the finished commercials in the next few weeks on the ThinkCreateCollaborate blog. And third graders finished writing their informational books in Writers Workshop in their classrooms. I've enjoyed collaborating with the third grade team on this project. It's been inspiring to watch these scholars grow as readers and writers over the last several weeks.

I'm feeling very thankful that I work with such an amazing community of scholars, families, and educators. See you in a week! - Mrs. Redford

Friday, November 15, 2013

Read With Someone

Most kindergarten, first, and second grade library classes follow the same pattern. The first half of class is time for a whole-group activity like a readaloud or a lesson. The second half of class is time for "book shopping" and checkouts, followed by a chance for scholars to read their books alone or with others. In the library I use the same language as scholars use in their classrooms: this is time for "read to self" or "read with someone." "Read with someone" can look like scholars reading to an adult, like in the picture above; scholars reading to each other; or adults reading to small groups of scholars. The RES library is lucky to have many older scholars, adult volunteers, and staff members who share their love of reading with our younger scholars every week. If you're interested in volunteering, please let me know!

On Friday I got to enjoy lunch with the kindergartners in Mrs. Kent's fabulous cafeteria. These young gentlemen told me, "You'd better eat fast, Mrs. Redford, because WE'RE coming to the library!" So I did, and we had an awesome kindergarten library class that afternoon.

Have a wonderful weekend! - Mrs. Redford

Friday, November 8, 2013

Readers and Research, Ads and Art

student mobile artwork

Starting this week, fourth grade artwork will be on display in the library. Under the direction of RES art teacher Joanna Elliott, fourth grade scholars have been teaching each other how to make different types of artwork. The large mobile now hanging in the back room of the library is a project from one of these student-run lessons. Come enjoy the work of our talented scholars!

The library has added over 140 new nonfiction titles so far this year, some in the regular nonfiction collection and some in the Early Reader (pink dot) collection. These levelled nonfiction titles have been a hit with third graders doing research, as well as scholars just  looking for good books about animals, space, weather, and more.

first graders like the new Early Reader nonfiction

Third graders have continued their research on organisms using World Book Online, a web-based encyclopedia that includes video clips and a readaloud feature as well as text articles. You can try World Book Online at home by visiting the RES Library website; contact your classroom teacher or Mrs. Redford first for the login and password.

third grade scholars researching their organisms
in World Book Online

And our fourth grade scholars have started creating their own video commercials in Enrichment Library classes as a way of learning more about advertising and media literacy. So far they have learned about different advertising strategies (Bandwagon, Bribery, Celebrities, Humor, and more), chosen "products" and created messages, and begun writing and practicing their commercials. We can't wait to see the finished videos!

practicing a commercial for recycling

practicing a commercial for reading!