Monday, April 28, 2014

Classroom Connections - Fairy Tales with Third Grade #resvt #cesuvt #vsla #TCRWP

As part of my work with third graders this year, I have been collaborating with their classroom teachers on their current writing unit. The scholars are writing fairy tales in their Writing Workshop. They began this unit by reading and listening to dozens of fairy tales, both in their classrooms and in the library. We held a day of special guest readers in the library (teachers, parents, and our principal). I had a chance to read my favorite fairy tale, Andersen's "The Wild Swans," to one class. I checked out dozens of the library's fairy tale books to the classrooms so students could have these mentor texts close at hand when they began writing their own.

Once the writing began, I helped students in their classrooms as they reread, revised, and added details to their own fairy tales. It has been a privilege to work with these talented writers as they learn and develop their skills! I can't wait to read the published stories. - Mrs. Redford

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