Friday, November 21, 2014

November at the RES Library, by the numbers #RESreads #resvt #cesuvt #vsla

Author Juli Brenning shares her book Maggi and Milo
with RES scholars on November 19

November 2014 at the RES library, by the numbers:

  • Number of library books and other materials checked out by RES scholars, families, and staff: 1562 -- that's 104 per day in our three weeks of school this month
  • Number of scholar visits to the library: over 800 (15 classes per week plus individual visits)
  • Number of checkouts for our most popular book: 7 for El Deafo by Cece Bell, a comic book memoir about the author's childhood
  • Number of scholars who learned about the writing process firsthand from our fabulous visiting author, Juli Brenning: over 200. We can't thank Juli enough for sharing her time and talents with us!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Miss Darling's second graders in the library
on November 21

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