Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dorothy Canfield Fisher (DCF) Book Award Voting Results at #RESvt #resreads #vted #cesuvt #vsla

This week RES fourth grade scholars completed their participation in the annual Dorothy Canfield Fisher (DCF) Award reading program. Every year, Vermont scholars in grades four through eight who participate in this program read titles from a list of new books. Each scholar who reads or listens to at least five titles on the list can vote on his or her favorite book. At RES, fourth graders who read at least five books on the current DCF list  also receive invitations to a lunchtime pizza party in the RES library.

When RES fourth graders voted for their favorite DCF book, the winner was:

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Libary
by Chris Grabenstein

We would like to recognize the following fourth graders
who read or listened to at least five DCF books this year:
Hannah Agran
Eric Bissell
Grace Clark
Madeleine Clark
Audrie Coffin
William DeBay
Tess Drury
Kaitlin Ford
Cara Gagliardi
Sophia Garavan
Lily Gouse
Kennedy Jensen
Shaina Keough
Lily Korczykowski
Kelsey Millard
Leila Monks
Vaughan Noble
Julia Petralia
Andrew Poehlmann
Ryan Rankin
Isabel Subin-Billingsley
Adam Weinstein

We are very proud of all of our fourth grade scholars who took part in the 2014-2015 DCF Book Award reading program. Between them they read and listened to many thousands of pages of fiction and nonfiction, improved their reading skills, and persevered in reading some very challenging stories. We hope they will all continue with the DCF program next year as fifth graders at Camels Hump Middle School!

More information about the DCF Book Award is available at the DCF website.

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