Friday, January 15, 2016

Spotlight on: Fourth Grade Capstone Projects #resvt #vsla #vted

Fourth graders are beginning Capstone Projects in their Enrichment  Library classes. They will be spending the next five months working on these individual research projects on topics they choose themselves. The scholars will be completing the following steps as they learn and present their new knowledge:

  • Choose a topic
  • Choose a research question
  • Research and take notes
  • Choose how to present your research findings 
  • Create your presentation to share your research findings
  • Evaluate your presentation with a rubric

Here's a presentation we viewed with the scholars about the Capstone process. We look forward to sharing more about these projects as the spring goes on!

Examples of Capstone Projects from previous years
Erickson Capstone Projects 2015
Berliner Capstone Projects 2015 
Senning Capstone Projects 2015 

And a video from our Capstone Celebration in May 2015, where last year's fourth graders shared their amazing projects with family and friends

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