Friday, January 20, 2017

More Media Literacy and Book Trailers in Fourth Grade Enrichment Library Class #vsla #vted

Fourth graders at RES are wrapping up a unit on media literacy. They learned about several strategies that advertisers use to get people's attention and convince them to buy products. Then they practiced finding those strategies in different kinds of advertisements. Finally, the scholars created video advertisements for books, also known as book trailers, to try to convince other scholars to read their favorite stories.

Here's another great example, from a fourth graders who used several advertising strategies to promote their book: Celebrity Endorsement, Humor, Bribery, and Intensity. As scholars practice using these strategies themselves, they become more aware of how advertisers use the same strategies try to influence them. That's the media literacy piece! You can see even more of these fantastic book trailers on the RES Library Featured Book Review list on YouTube.

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