Friday, January 24, 2014

Robots and Tall Tales

"Boxy" the robot arrived in the library on Tuesday, and he has been a bit hit with scholars of all ages. He's the mascot of the RES Boxtops for Education program, which raises money for our school. More information about the program and how you can help is available on the RES school blog. Scholars are also checking out more books than usual about robots!

Third graders have been enjoying Tall Tales in the library, in connection with the Westward Expansion unit they are beginning in their classrooms. We have been looking for examples of exaggeration in these American folktales, and also connections to the experiences of real-life settlers. We asked, why did Paul Bunyan and his loggers move west across the country? Were these reasons the same as the pioneers? Why do you think that is?

Paul Bunyan

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