Friday, March 21, 2014

Interest Driven Learning #resvt #cesuvt #vted

Both fourth graders and second graders worked on interest driven learning activities this week in the library. Fourth graders began planning their Capstone presentations to share what they have learned about the topics they chose for themselves back in January. The scholars are going to be creating videos, posters, animations, and much more to share the answers to their research questions. A couple of examples from this week:

Designing a comic strip to answer the research question
"How do you train to become an athlete on American Ninja Warrior?"

Creating an animation with the Tellagami iPad app
to answer the research question 
"How does the Nexus 7 compare to the iPad mini?"

Second graders began designing "Book Centers" around nonfiction topics, authors and series they like, and book formats they enjoy. Starting next week, they will be presenting their book centers to their classmates. The scholars will be explaining what types of books they selected and why they enjoy reading them. They are learning how to organize and communicate information to others, and how to teach their classmates about a topic where they are the experts. The library was full of excited scholars who couldn't wait to show me their plans for their centers!

These scholars will be running book centers about
ponds and rivers and about dolphins

A few more examples of these centers:

books about rocks and minerals

fiction series books about animals

The Rainbow Fairies series

military history

And a final note: like many Vermonters, I have been hoping for some signs of spring after this cold winter. Friday morning the kindergartners brought me some green spring grass. It smelled like a freshly cut lawn...just the thing to remind me that warmer days aren't far away! Thank you kindergartners!

-- Mrs. Redford

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