Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Our Community of Readers #RESreads #RESvt #CESUvt #vted

"Reading communities have these benefits: Building relationships with other readers sustains a student's interest in reading because it reinforces that reading is an acceptable and desirable pastime...For students disinterested in reading, a reading community provides positive reinforcement and nonthreatening reading role models by forging relationships with classmates who enjoy reading more. For avid readers, classroom reading communities offer status and acceptance for their reading behaviors." -- Donalyn Miller aka The Book Whisperer, in Reading in the Wild

This year at RES we will be encouraging our scholars to see themselves as part of our school and classroom communities of readers. We have started with a new Twitter and Instagram hashtag, #RESreads - take a look sometime and see what our readers are up to! We are also using the lobby display case to share photos of RES students and adults and what they are reading.

We would love to have pictures of RES scholars and families reading together at home! If you have a picture you would like to share, please bring it to the library during open house or email it to our teacher librarian at beth.redford@cesuvt.org

For more information about communities of readers, check out Reading in the Wild from the RES library, or read more about it here.

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