Friday, December 18, 2015

Animal Blogging: Informational Writing in Second Grade #resvt #vsla #vted #TCRWP

Second graders have been researching, writing, illustrating, and posting blog entries about animals on the new RES Second Grade Animal Blog! The scholars used the PebbleGo.Com research database to learn about animals. Then each scholar wrote the text for his or her blog entry, drew an illustration, and typed the text and added the illustration with the Blogger iPad app. The second graders focused on writing interesting "hooks" to draw readers' attention at the beginnings of their posts; using transition words at the beginning of sentences; writing conclusions at the ends of their posts; and citing PebbleGo as their source.

The second graders had a great time with this short, focused research project, and they were very proud to share their work on the blog. The last few entries will be posted next week and after holiday break. Please leave comments on these posts if you see something interesting or surprising!

Link to the blog: RES Second Grade Animal Blog

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