Friday, February 19, 2016

What Does Fourth Grade Research Look Like? #resvt #vted #vsla

Fourth graders are researching and taking notes for their Capstone independent research projects. Fourth grade research can look like reading websites or watching online videos (see photo above). It can also look like reading printed articles and books (see photo below).

Sometimes our fourth grade scholars have the opportunity to do research by interviewing adult experts, either by email or in person. Two of our scholars will be interviewing Chef James for Capstone projects about cooking; another scholar has interviewed a veterinarian for a project about veterinary medicine. And one scholar doing research about how costumes, especially Star Wars costumes, are made was able to interview a local expert who has made his own Stormtrooper armor (see video below). Many thanks to 501st Legion member Andrew Liptak for visiting RES to help our scholar with his research, and to Principal Berry for filming the interview!

Five minute condensed version of interview

Full 30 minute inteview

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