Friday, March 20, 2015

Fourth Grade Research and Sources #resvt #cesuvt #resreads #geniushour

using a book to answer the question,
"What is the history of firefighting and how is it different today?"

Capstone projects are an opportunity for our fourth graders to practice their research and critical thinking skills as well as to learn more about topics they are passionate about. This morning Ms. Erickson's class was using a variety of research sources as they gathered information to help answer their research questions. In the year 2015, information doesn't just come from books...or the internet! One scholar was recording information on the history of firefighting from books, and also from the New York City Fire Museum website. She has also interviewed a firefighter for information about firefighting today.

Another scholar was learning more about marine animal rehabilitation from the Clearwater Marine Aquarium website...

using a website to answer the question,
"How do marine animals get injured and
how do they get rehabbed by people?"

while another was using both books

and a website to learn more about American Sign Language and baby sign language.

"How is American Sign Language different and the same as baby sign language?

Other fourth graders will be conducting in-person and written interviews with animal scientists, safety technicians, chefs, and animators to help answer their research questions. We are so proud of our scholars and their learning! - Mrs. Redford and Mrs. Rankin

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