Thursday, March 12, 2015

Grade 3 Book Trailers: We are So Proud! #resvt #cesuvt #TCRWP

We are SO PROUD of our third grade scholars for their hard work and perseverance on their book trailers! A book trailer is like a movie trailer: it's a short video advertisement that tells an audience a little about a book. In order to create these trailers, the scholars did the following:

  • wrote voiceovers as persuasive texts during Writing Workshop
  • learned to use Google Advanced Image Search to find reusable (not copyrighted) images
  • found and saved images for their their trailers
  • learned to use either WeVideo or Screencastify Google Apps to create their trailers
  • added images and recorded voiceovers. Some scholars even added music!

Along the way they encountered some technical problems with the Google Apps they were using, but they showed great determination to finish their trailers and make them excellent. We think they succeeded!

We hope you enjoy these first few trailers. We will be sharing more soon.

Book trailer made with WeVideo

Book trailer made with Google Slides and Screencastify

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