Friday, March 6, 2015

Spotlight on: Grade 3 Book Trailers #resvt #cesuvt #TCRWP

As part of their current unit on persuasive writing, third graders are writing and producing book trailers to convince their classmates to read the books they recommend. A book trailer is like a movie trailer: it's a short video advertisement that tells an audience a little about a book. The scholars have finished writing the words for their scripts, and now they are finding images to put into their videos. As they do this, they are learning and reinforcing important digital citizenship skills such as citing their sources and only using images for which the photographers have given permission for reuse.

The scholars also put together a great list of tips for using images to make their book trailers even more persuasive. They made these suggestions after watching several professional and student made book trailers and deciding what made them less or more effective.

Tips for Making a Persuasive Book Trailer
by RES grade 3 scholars

  • Your first image should be the cover of your book 
  • Use the same image for a character throughout the book trailer (don’t use three different cats for one cat character!) 
  • The images you use for your characters should actually look like the characters 
  • You can use illustrations from your book if it has them 
  • Your images should match your book - funny images for a funny book, creepy images for a scary book 

Next the third graders will be recording their voiceovers and adding music to their book trailers. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project!

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