Friday, May 29, 2015

Thank You RES Library Volunteers! #resvt #mmmusd

RES library volunteers donate over 20 hours a week of their time helping students find books, checking out materials, setting up displays, and reshelving the hundreds of books our students and teachers read and return every week. They also put in many extra hours at the beginning of every school year when students return several thousand summer library books. This year many new volunteers also came to the library to read with our kindergartners. Many thanks to these dedicated people who keep the library welcoming, attractive, and organized for our students:

Susan Amidon
Jen Cushman
Heather Drury
Berta Dumas
Sherri Gouse
Meghann Greenough
Liz Halgas
Adriana Hashinga
Amy Ide
Michael Marciel
Meredith Monahan
Jenn Poehlman
Amanda Repp
Evelyn Rolfe
Renee Slattery
Jackie Wintersteen
Melissa Wolaver
Students and staff from Camels Hump Middle School
Officer Brett Lindemuth

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