Monday, March 11, 2013

Red Clover Books in the RES Library


First and second graders are enjoying this year's Red Clover books in the RES library. Named after Vermont's state flower, the Red Clover Award is Vermont's children's choice award for picture books. Every year, a group of teachers and librarians puts together a list of 10 fiction and nonfiction Red Clover books. Students who read or listen to at least five titles from the list get to vote on their favorite book. Their votes, along with votes from students all over the state, help choose the Red Clover Award winner.

Since the Red Clover award is a student choice award, students are asking the questions: do I like or dislike this book, and why? What specific details in the text or illustrations make me think this book is interesting or boring, beautiful or ugly, serious or funny?

We began this week with The Princess and the Pig by Jonathan Emmett, which most students liked because of funny details in the words and pictures. Ask your children about the "Rule of Three" in comedy writing! The other nine books on this year's list are shown below.

More information about the Red Clover program and this year's book list is available at the official Red Clover site.


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