Monday, March 11, 2013

Second Grade Research with PebbleGo Animals

Second graders started their science reports today by researching interesting birds in our new online database, PebbleGo Animals. The text in PebbleGo databases is written at a good level for early elementary students to read, and it has a read aloud feature as well. PebbleGo also has excellent photographs, diagrams, and videos to help students learn science concepts.



First Mrs. Hackett's students learned to research in PebbleGo Animals.



Then they used their new knowledge to teach Mrs. Purvee's students too.


Both classes collected lots of information for their reports. We can't wait to see how these projects turn out!


If you would like see how the PebbleGo Animals database works, please visit the library web page and scroll down to PebbleGo. RES has also subscribed to the PebbleGo Earth and Space and PebbleGo Biographies databases for student research projects. More classes will be using these great new resources very soon.

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